Three weeks to be killed, now she is successful young bloggers : Mama

Cancer is a deadly disease, but there are many people who have proved this thing false by defeating cancer. One of those people is also named 27 years old ‘Mama’. Not only did the cancer overcome but it is also a successful blogger today. So let’s know the story of Mama’s struggle.

Birth And Education :
Mama was born in Brooklyn in 1989, but she grew up in Montreal and Haiti. He was only 14 years old when he had cancer in his leg and lungs. The doctor who treated Mama said that he would be alive for only 3 weeks but Mama wanted to live. When Mama’s doctor did not see any hope of living, he gave some experimental medicines to Mama. These medicines proved to be boon for Mama because medicines began to cure mums and her life was saved. They escaped from cancer but due to cancer, her right leg was separated from their bodies. Today, they walk with artificial legs with the help of two crutches.

The first trip was started at the age of 17 –
When he was 17, she traveled to Costa Rica. After this trip, the journey started. So far, she has traveled about 20 countries from 5 continents.

The beginning of travel blogging : 
Mama tried to write about her travel experiences many times but she could not do it. Then she decided that she would share her travel pictures with the people through social media platform Tumbler. After this, he started sharing her travel pictures with Tumblr. When Mama traveled to South East Asia in 2013, she realized that there is no shortage of travel blogger in the world. In such a way, finding them as a blogger was a bit difficult. After this Mama started writing all the experiences of the person during her journey from a Divine person’s point of view and on the same lines she started MamaCax.

Mamacax success story English blogger mama

Mama is an inspiration for those who accept cancer and kill their own desire to kill themselves. Mama had cancer, but the mama did not let the desire to live inside her, and on the strength of this she defeated the cancer. Today Mama is a successful blogger. They have their own website. They write blogs on travel, fashion and lifestyle.

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