The Full Story of R.V.C. Bodley

Friends This post is about the story of a man who, after leaving the post of an army officer, did not choose a luxurious life and spent a lifetime living with billions of years of his life. And in those seven years, he learned to live in true ways and to believe that the things which are not in our control are better than giving up on God. This story of faith in God teaches us to be free from all kinds of anxieties.

This is the story, a British Army officer, R. Of Ronald Victor Courtenay Bodley. Who spent 7 years with the Arabs in Sahara desert in Africa, after leaving the army in 1918. Learned their language, clothed in their clothes, ate with them – drank, adopted their lifestyle, in which there was little change in the last 2 thousand years. He became the owner of the sheep, grazed sheep, slept on the ground in his tents along with the Arabs. These seven years spent with the Arabs and the varied experiences R. V. C. Bodley proved to be an invaluable gift for life. Later, he wrote several other popular books along with “Wind in the Sahara” and “The Messenger“. So let’s know their story in their own words.

I was born on 03 March 1892 in an English family in Paris and I stayed in France for nine years. After this, I taught at Eaton and Royal Military College, Sandhurst, England. Then I spent six years as a British soldier in India, where I played polo, hunted me, and traveled to the Himalaya, along with that I also did a lot of military work. I fought in World War I and in the end I was sent in the Porish peace talks as an Assistant Military Attache. I was shocked by what I saw there and disappointed. During the four years of massacre on the Western Front, we believed that we were fighting to save civilization. But in Paris peace talks, I saw selfish politicians preparing the Second World War Arena. Every country wanted to get everything for themselves, it was creating national hatred. And was provoking controversy of secret diplomacy.

My mind was filled with the army, from the army. During my career I spent the first night awake. Worried about what I should do in my life. Lloyd George inspired me to go to politics and I was going to follow his advice, then only a strange thing happened. One such thing which has set the direction of my life for the next seven years. This strange thing happened in a discussion that would last about three minutes. My discussion was with ‘Ted’ Lawrence, “Lawrence of Arabia“. Lawrence was the most colorful and romantic figure born of World War I. And they lived in the desert with billions. And they advised me to do the same. At first thought this idea was strange to me.

But I had decided to leave the army and I had to do something. Civilian employers did not want to hire former officers of the regular army like me, especially when the people had already filled the unemployed. That’s why I did what Lorenz had suggested.

I went to live with the Arabs. And I’m glad that I did it. There he taught me how to win the anxiety. Like all loyal Muslims, they are also fatal. They believe that what Muhammad wrote in the Qur’an is God’s divine manifestation. And so, when the Quran says: “Allah has created you and all your actions,” then they accept it verbatim.

That is why they take life with great peace and never hurry, neither do they get angry when things go wrong. They know that what is written in destiny will remain and no one can change it except Allah. However, this does not mean that when the calamity comes, they sit with their hands on hand, and they do nothing.

For example, let me tell you that when I was living in Sahara, there was a terrible, tremendous storm. The storm continued for three days and three nights. The storm was so strong and terrible that it drove the sands of Sahara miles beyond the Mediterranean and slammed it across the Rhône Valley in France. The air was so hot that I felt as if my hair was falling headlong. My throat was dry. My eyes were burning. Sand was getting dark in my teeth. I was feeling like I was standing in front of the furnace in a glass factory. I was completely crazy. As much as a sensation can fly into the air. But the Arabs did not do it. He lifted his shoulders and said, “Makhtob”! ……… “It is written.”

But as soon as the hurricane ended, they ran and walked on to work. And they humiliated all the lambs because they knew that they would die anyway, but they would save their mother sheep if they hurried them down immediately. After halting the lambs, they carried the sheep to the water in the south direction. All this was done with peace, without worry or worry or complaining. And the head of the tribe said: “It is not so bad. Everything could have been wasted. But to save us from the mercy of Allah, 40 percent of the sheep have survived. “

I remember another event. One day we were going through a car in the desert, that a car tire was broken. Driver Stepney forgot the right caravan. So now we had three tires left. I used to scream and breezed in the huff, and when I asked from Arabs what would we do now. Then they reminded me that no help will come when you come in the charge, only you will become very hot. They said that the tire was fired by Allah’s will and nothing can be done about it. So we proceed and continue crawling with the wheels of the rim. In a while, suddenly the car stopped with a shock. Our petrol was over! The chief said this only “Maktoob“! And once again, instead of screaming on the driver why he did not have enough petrol, all should stay calm. We reached our destination on foot and singing on the way.

I spent seven years with the Arabs, after that I came to believe that the neurotic, crazy and fluffy whistles of America and Europe are the problems that we spend in our so-called civilization. I was not worried till I was in Sahara. I found spiritual satisfaction and physical health in Allah’s garden, most of us are searching for tension and despair.

Many people shrink nose-eyebrows on fate. Maybe they’re right, who knows? But we should all be able to see how our fate is often fixed for us. For example, if I had not talked to Lawrence of Arabia, on a warm August in 1919, at twelve o’clock in the year 1919, then the years I have spent since then were completely different.

Looking back over my previous life, I can wonder how it repeatedly shaped those events and gave directions which were outside my control. The Arabs call it Maktab, Luck God’s will. Please tell your wish. It does strange things with you. I just know that seventeen years after leaving Sahara today, I still believe that it is proper to surrender happily to the inevitable. Learned from the Arabs: This philosophy (philosophy) worked more than sleeping pills to calm my nervous.

Therefore, when angry, burning winds fall on our lives like flames. And if we are unable to stop them, then we should also accept that essentially. He should become busy and add those pieces by adding them.

The real and full story of rvc bodley in english
R.V.C Bodley Full Story In English

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