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Today we are going to talk about Himachal, where all the people of Himachalas live, and who are the most beautiful and dangerous places of intire world, there are so many beautiful things that here the mind of the visiting tourists does not, and even the hills are so high and the horror of those values ​​that makes them all fascinated so happy and environment here are scared of this paradise, really too Every penny and plaintiff here tells one story, here the voices of birds flowing with green trees, and in the light of the loud voice in the village, Natti – Himachali Traditional Music Love makes love magic and forces you to dance on the sounds of songs, the truth is that we love our Himachal and are proud to be Himachali, there is a beautiful and true story on Himachal Procedure:
हिमाचल जैसी वादियां कहां मग़र पहाड़ियां ड़रा देती हैं ,
भाई – भाई जैसा प्यार कहां मग़र भाभीयां लडा़ देती है .
You should know that I am also from Himachal (Bilaspur), today I am going to tell you some things related to the culture / tradition of Himachal. If you are from Himachal, then you probably know this passage too.
1) Himachal’s population is 6,864,602 according to the 2011 census!
2) Himachal’s official website is!
3) Himachal got the status of separate state on January 25, 1971!
4) In Himachal most people speak hill language only!
5) Himachal is also called Dev Bhoomi!
6) Apples were first planted in Kotgarh in Himachal.
7) Virbhadra Singh is the present Chief Minister of Himachal!
8) The largest city in Himachal is Shimla, which is the capital of Himachal Pradesh too!
9) The area of ​​Himachal is 55,673 km (21,495 square miles)!
10) 83.78% people in Himachal have been educated!
11) Famous singer of Himachal Kuldeep Sharma is known as Natti King!
12) There are 12 districts in Himachal Pradesh!
13) Himachal is the north-western state of India!
14) Himachal literally means “the region of snowy mountains”
15) Himachal was also part of Punjab till 1857
The history of Himachal is as ancient as the history of human existence.
17) Five rivers flows in Himachal; Chenab, Ravi, vyas ,Sutluj, Yamuna!
18) 69% people of Himachal do agriculture!
19) Himachal’s 16,807 villages are spread over the slopes of mountain ranges and valleys!
20) There are only about approx13,000 handpumps in Himachal!
21) The most beautiful place in Himachal is Shimla, Chamba Valley, Dalhousie, Dharamsala, Kufri, Manali, Kinnaur and Kullu!
22) In Himachal, Kangdi, Mandyali, Pahadi, Hindi, Punjabi are spoken mostly!
23) At present, there are radio, television, telephone, wire, fax, postal, e-mail, internet etc. facilities in Himachal.
24) In 1914, India’s first automatic telephone center was established in Shimla.
25) On November 5, 1983, the world’s highest height opened the Post Ofiice in Hakim, Lahul-Spiti.
26) Most people of Himachal feed cattle (sheep goats), not because they are poor but because they love animals too!
Himachal k baare me
In Himachal:
Total Panchayats: 3243
Total Tensiles: 75
Sub tehsiles: 34
Total districts: 12
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Jai Himachal

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