is ghosts are really exists in world ?

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An unknown fear in the name of the ghost-eater hurts the mind of the people. Its stories also get heard and people listen to them with great interest and amazement and watch them on serials, movies and read stories. The hypothetical mental depiction of the ghost-ghost also terrifies people-in the darkness of night, in the darkness of night, the people are afraid of the ghosts of ghosts. Are Really Ghosts? Does this question come in the minds of people? Because their visions are rare, but they happen. The way we can not see the air, we can feel it, in the same way we can not see the ghost but sometimes it is also seen suddenly. The existence of ghosts remains a mystery even today. Therefore, any information about them fills us with excitement.
After all, what is the ghost? It is natural to raise this question. Traditionally, it is believed that ghosts are souls of those dead, who have suffered accidental death due to any accident, violence, suicides or any other kind of trauma. Due to death, they have no relation to their stomach body. Because of this, these ghosts can not be seen. Since our identity is from our body and when the body is not there, it is difficult to see and recognize the dead soul. Ghosts have been considered such negative powers, which for some reasons hang between the earth and other people. They are considered as restless and playful, which are insufficient due to their unexpected death. These deceased souls are often followed behind places such as shadow, ghosta, which were related to them in life or attachment to life.
It is said that incomplete work left behind, extremely connected to worldly life and a strong attachment to material things also brings the soul of the deceased to the earth. It is also said that such souls appear in front of their invisible presence, from the translucent shadow, the blurred attraction, or even the survivors.
What is ghosts? There are different perceptions and theories about it. As science believes that energy can not be created nor destroyed. They are only converted from one form to another. As long as we are alive, there are various forms of energy present in our body. Our thoughts, emotions, sensations and even our soul are also a form of energy. Energy is a subtle element, which can be felt but can not be seen. The expression of this energy is through the body only. At the time of death our body becomes but energy does not get destroyed and it enters the microcosm. Animals like this are highly beneficial towards energy. There is a lot of evidence that animals do not like to go to a particular room, run away scared of something unseen, or watch something in the air.
According to the ‘Spiritual Science Research Foundation‘ – When a person dies, his physical end comes, but the journey of the subtle body (subconscious mind, intellect, ego, and soul) continues even further. In such microscopes some ghosts are present around the Earth. In this way, it is possible to say that there is a microscopic, that the relation is from the lowest and that which remains in the Earth’s globe. The reason for this is that ghosts can travel from various subtle suns in the vast masses like the earth. They were not among the positive people i.e. heaven or above. They are filled with unsatisfied desires. Such souls find weak mentality, following the living people, by taking possession of their minds, harassing them, and also enjoying pleasure.
An intuitive question arises in the mind that what is the speed of life after death? Where does he go? Do all the living beings become ghost after death? This is the answer to the question – no. According to Hindu and Sankhya philosophy, according to our deeds and practices in our life, it is determined that after the death of the body we have to become the key. Behind the ghosts, you have to wander in the following or continue to travel in the following places.
There are other factors that determine life after our death, such as the type of death of the soul, it is natural, peaceful, is raging, or accidental. Apart from this, the last rites performed by the descendants of the dead person also affect the movement of the soul. As far as the dead person is concerned, various religious texts have been mentioned in this regard for many reasons, such as incomplete desires, lips, greed, various types of personality disorders such as anger, greed, fear, The idea, the ego of the higher level, the behavior of sadness to others, the feeling of pleasure in sadness, lack of spiritual life etc.
It is believed that those who take spiritual progress in their life, make meaningful progress, they never become ghosts. It is to say that if there is a good person, but he has not done any practice of spiritual spiritual practices throughout his life, then after his death, he is more likely to become a ghost; Because then he is attacked by the high level ghosts and that the deceased comes under the control of other ghosts, just as he is ruled by somebody.
Ghosts are two types. First, those whose premature death have died and they wander as ghosts, and the other types of ghosts are due to their evil deeds, they get punished for becoming ghosts. Age of prejudice who is punished with punishment is at least 1000 years. There are also many vagina under the ghosts, such as the phantom, the vampire, the dakini, the Shakini, the brahmaraxaas etc.
Various stories and stories about ghosts are heard, but little information is available about their actual work; The way the ghosts express themselves, the ways are unpredictable and unforeseen. These generally come in the form of noise, noise, tingling, smell, picking of objects, etc., which are sometimes too extravagant, figurative and even the scope of lies. Surveys and studies about this study show that about one in 10 people have the ability to feel ghosts. Those who try to see them intensely and actively, at least they have a chance to get success in them. Children experience more in adolescence than it is. As the aging progresses, the mechanism of resistance against adults becomes evident. In the same way women have more experience than their presence.
The ghost has a meaning-which has passed. In the same way ghosts are also related to the past in the past. The same mortal becomes a ghost, in which attachment is very high, and this is why it is associated with its past. Ghosts are definitely, but they do not need to be scared. They can not spoil us; Because we are in gross body and in this subtle body. There are limitations and limitations of gross and microscopic, which it can not break. Even then, some incidents happen such that they identify their existence. In such a situation, necessity is to continuously do auspicious deeds by understanding the basic principles of life, so that after getting rid of body, good results can be found only.

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