Relieve smoking in Ayurvedic manner, the effect starts in just 5 minutes

1) Smoking is such a habit of smoking.
2) Ginger helps to overcome the cough.
3) Nicotine desire is less than vitamin C.

Looking at the cigarette box or cinema hall, ‘Cigarette freezing tar in your lungs’ will come to your mind that I will ‘leave it’ forever. But do you really do this? Even how often you intend to quit cigarettes. But, perhaps these things disappear in a few days.

How to leave smoking , leave smoking now

Quit Smoking in Ayurvedic Methods
Smoking is such a habit that it is not only difficult to get rid of it, but to abandon this habit, not everyone is in the bus. Even if it is very difficult to leave but not impossible. Yes, with the help of Ayurvedic remedies, you can not only leave the habit of smoking, but its effect will start affecting you in only 5 minutes.


Heath tips

Take small pieces of ginger and add little black salt and a little lemon into it to dry in the sun. When it gets dry, keep it in your pocket. Whenever cigarette casts, take a small amount of mouth in the mouth. Sulfur in ginger removes cigarette or cure of any substance. And after taking this measure you will be able to see the effect in 5 minutes.


Heath tisp , leave addition

Like ginger, Amla also helps to remove the urge to smoke. For this, add salt to pieces of gooseberry and dry it. Suck these pieces on the desire of smoking. Vitamin C contained in it reduces the desire to take nicotine.

Red chilly

How to leave smoking

Apart from capsaicin in red chilli, vitamin C is also present, which strengthens the respiratory system and reduces the craving for smoking. With this spice used in your food, you can also use it in a glass of water and mix it with a pinch. This gives you instant relief and this remedy works for a long time.


Health tips

Not only smoking, honey is a very useful drug to remove any kind of intoxication. There are plenty of vitamins, enzymes, and proteins in honey that help in reducing the cough of smoking. Always use pure honey because it has a good effect.


How to leave addition of smoking , top heath tips
Keep the cottage instead of cigarettes in your shirt pocket. Whenever you feel like smoking then you chew the baby well, your desire to smoke will decrease. And it will also improve your stomach.

So what’s the matter of late, if you want to quit smoking then adopt today, any of these Ayurvedic methods, and then see the effect!

Note : smoking is injuries to health and livers please leave it now with these steps given above ! 
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