How to get Adsense account approval for Blog in just a 3-4 days

Hello Blogger You all know that in India, blog can not connect to adsense before 6 months, so our income is not equal to 6 months, but we can earning by putting them on ads advertisements on the Bidvertiser website but adsense Gives the most money. About 3-4 rupees per click is received from Adsense Today in this post, I am telling you a method that you can justify your adsense account within 4 – 5 days.

I am giving this suggestion to you. I myself have created an AdSense account this way. You can also see Adsense advertisements on my blog, while my blog has not been 2 months yet, then you should wait till 6 month If you are able to get your Adsense account approved like me, then let us know today that these tricks tell you too.

AdSense approve keise Karen , how to approve AdSense easily

How do AdSense account Approved in 4-5 days?

Step 1:
Before making an Adsense account, I would like to ask you to follow the instructions given to me and follow Adsense Approval so that you do not have any problem.

1)- First you upload 4-5 video on YouTube by uploading it. If you have any problem in uploading video then you can Email us.

2) After uploading video please share your video on social media. Such as Facebook, twitter, google + etc. all social media websites where you can also share the video.

3) You can only approve your adsense account if you have a minimum 500 view on 1 video.

4) When you have more than 500 views on your 4 – 5 video, you have to monetize a YouTube account. If you do not know how to monetize a YouTube account, then mail us.

5) After monetizing YouTube account, you must join your YouTube account with AdSense.

6) Now wait a little longer for your AdSense account to be approved. Your AdSense account may be approved within a few hours when your AdSense account is approved and an email will be sent to your email id.

Your AdSense account will be approved as quickly as possible on your video. Upload your own video, do not copy from anywhere, otherwise your AdSense account will not be approved.

Step 2
Once your AdSense account is approved for YouTube’s throw, then you go to website, open the dashboard of your AdSense account, here it will be written right side Hosted account.
Hosted account means that you can show ads only on your YouTube channel, but we have to show ads on our blog.

In order to show ads on the blog, we give the code of the AdSense account ads and that code will only be available when AdSense is fully approved.

So now we have to fully approve of our AdSense account.
1) First go to and log in.

2) After logging in, you have to click on home.

3) Now click on the setting’s gear icon and select Settings.

4) Now a new window will open, click on access and authorization.

5) A new window will open once you click on Access and authorization.

Here you have to fill in the URL of your blog website.
Note: – Here you can not use your blog’s example – URL, so you have to add domain to your blog.
For complete information on adding domain to mail us. Or read This post.

Now click on the submit button, now you have to wait 24 or 48 hours. When your account gets permission, you will get the information of all of these on your email id.

Now you have to ad adsense ads in your blog. For this, first open your adsense account and click on My ads.

Now the new page will open in which you can also size, type, color and customize your ads. After customizing, click on save.

Once you click on Save, a new popup window will be open and it will contain the code of the ads that you have to copy, so copy it.

Now where you want to put ads in your blog, save that code by pasting it and your blog will start showing ads. For this you can use widget of blog.

If you want to put ads in your blog post, then go to the edit option of your post, you can go there and click on HTML coding where you want to place ads in your post, wherever you can place ads by placing ads.

I hope you can get your adsense account approved by following this post and if you are having any problem approving your adsense account, then you can tell me your problems in comment.
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