How To Create AdSense Account

This article is on Topic for create a new AdSense account. This article is for those people who want to earn sitting in the house, it is for those people who have been bored with fix and low salary, it is for those people who want to make something big in their life.

Yes! You are right thinking this article is just for you and for you. AdSense is a platform from which you can generate a lot of income. Many people in India are earning  millons rupee in today’s time through adsense.

What Is Adsense?

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Adsense is an online advertising company, invented by Google in the year 18 june 2003. In this, you can generate income by placing ads on your website / blog. Google retains 40% of the revenue of clicks (CPC) and impression (CPM) on Ads and gives 60% of the revenue to us.

You need 3 things to apply for Google adsense account.

  • Website
  • YouTube
  • Blogger

If you have one of these three things, you can get adsense account approval but keep in mind one thing that you must have a gmail account to apply on adsenseet without adsense par application.

You can also apply google adsense to YouTube and Blogger, but now we will only learn to apply kaize to the website, then let’s start.

How to create AdSense account step by step :

Step 1. Firstly you type on google or on your browser Otherwise, you can click here as “” when you reach the adsense home page, then you will see “SIGN UP NOW” written on it, then you click on it.

Step 2. When you click on the sign up button and reach the second page, you will see something written like “Sign in to your Google Account or create a new one to sign up for AdSense.

If you do not have a gmail account, then you can create a new gmail account by clicking on the create account button and if you have a Gmail account, then you can click on the “Sign in” button and enter your email id and password and then click on Continue button to sign in.

Step 3. Welcome to AdSense. Adsense account.
When you reach a page with welcome to adsense, you will have 2 options.

1) My website: In this you write your website URL

2) Content language: Write what is your site’s language.

When you fill these two, then you have to click on the button “Save and continue“.

Step 4. When you click on the save and continue buttons, a message will appear to you in front of you, then scroll down the page with the help of mouse (downwards) and you will see “I AGREE” written there. Click on it.

Step 5. Fill Your Information

Now you have to enter your information for adsense account which is as follows: –

1) Country or territory: Choose your country “India” “USA” UAE” Etc

2) Time zone: Select your time zone.

3) Account type: Individual

4) Name and address: Enter your name and full address with the PIN code/Postal Code and select your state. (Your name should be found with your bank account)

5) Primary contact: In this you can write your name and mobile number.

6) How did you get to know AdSense? : Anyone chose the option.

7) Adsense Email preferences: Click on everything.

Submite my application: When you fill in all the detail, check the last one more time, then after that click on the button “submit my application”.

Step 6. Thank you for Applying Adsense!

Now your adsense account has become 60% adsenseAccount Now the Adsense team will mail your gmail id, it will take at least 1 to 2 days to last 3 days.

First click on My Ad.
After that click on the new ad unit and create your ad.

When you click on the new ad unite and create an ad, copy that code to clipbord and paste it in your website / blog, you can paste it between posts And layouts of blog.
When you place the ad code on your site, the google adsense team will check your website and then your site will be live, at least it will take 4 to 5 days. The Adsense team will mail you to gmail and tell you whether the ad is live or not on your site.

I hope that now you have learned the entire google adsense account, if you still have to ask anything related to adsense, then you can ask your question by visiting the comment box and if you think that in this article All the information that you want to know, please share it please share your 1 share will help us to improve our site. Please visit again and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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