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Poem – 1 : 
: Secrets Of Success :

Read but remember more ,
Talk but think more ,
Play but read more ,
You will get success , I am sure
Eat but chew more ,
Weep but laugh more ,
Quarrel , but agree more ,
People will wish you , I am sure
Punish but forgive more ,
Consume but produce more ,
People will respect you , I am sure

Poem – 2 : 
: Exam Of Life :

God is great examiner ,
We all are students ,
This life us an answer boo ,
And this work is examination hall ,
Time allowed is three hours ,
First bell rings is childhood,
Second is youth ,
The third is old age,
The last is rung by God’s messenger,
The examination is over ,
And life there meets , its over
Do not try to deceive,
By writing useless stuff ,
You may loose marks ,
Write down what you know ,
Later do not say…

Poem : 3 
School Cinema

School is a cinema ,
Students are actors ,
Teachers are Director ,
And reports are Box office results,
Toppers are superstar
And failures are flop stars,
Time table is the shooting schedule,
Free hours are outing ,
But principal is producer,
And I love being
A Part of this cinema..

Poem : 4 
If You Want “

If you want to Live,
Live for others.
If you want to come,
Come for the help of others.
If you want to kill ,
Kill your ego.
If you want to cultivate,
Cultivate your manners.
If you want to be rich,
Enrich yourself with noble ideals.
If you want to read ,
Read the lives of great men.
If you want to see ,
See those better then you.
If you want to win
Win your good friends.
If you want to love ,
Love your country & humanity.
If you want to know,
Know your soul.

Poem : 5 
God Made Teachers

God understood our thirst for
Knowledge and our need to be led by someone wiser.
We need a health of compassion,
Of encouragement and patience
Someone who should accept the
Challenge regardless of the opposition.
Someone who could see potential
And believe in the best in others….
So God made teachers..

Poem : 6 
” Life An Account

Our birth is our opening balance.
Our death is our closing stock,
Soul is our fixed Asset.
Brain is our fixed deposit.
Thinking is our current account.
Achievement is our capital.
Character and morals
Are our stock and trade
Friends are general reserve.
Behavior is our good will.
Love is our dividend.
Children are bonus issue.
Education is brand/patents.
Knowledge is our investment.
Experience is our premium account.
The aim is to tally the balance sheet accuratly..

#written by commercial students ..

Poem : 7
Modern Students”

Modern students live like hero,
But in exams obtain marks zero (0).
Pen in pocket, like a rocket,
They show their locket.
The spend their time in fashion,
Because of it ; can’t learn their lesson.
Oh ! Students one day you will have to repent.
So improve your nature.
For making you future.

Poem : 8
Best Friend “

When you are sad
I will dry your tears.
When you are scared,
I will comfort your fears.

When you are worried ,
I will give you hope.
When you are confused
I will help you up.

And when you are lost
And can’t see the light
I shall be your beacon.
Shining ever so bright.

This is my oath,
I pledge till the end.
Why you may ask,
Because you are my best friend…

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