What is the Domain Authority and how to increase your website’s DA

Today every bloggers and site owners have the same motive and they are:

Coming to the first page in the Google search engine.

Many of the search engines have web metrics but a web metric which has become the most important in the world of SEO in a short time, is Domain Authority i.e. (DA).

If you are in the blogging field, you must have heard about the Domain Authority (DA) and if you do not have complete information about this important web metric then you should read this article. This is written for special beginners.

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What is Domain Authority?
Domain Authority is a grade or a score between 0-100, it is a very popular company of grade Moz (Moz USA, which offers a lot of SEO tools and analytical tool.). Which is determined by what a website is doing on Google and other search engines.

A website with more DA, it also gets a good score on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Do you want to know how you can increase your website’s DA?
In this post, I will tell about 7 successful ways that you will be able to increase your website’s DA.

Why is it so difficult to increase your website’s Domain Authority? :

The growing Domain Authority of your website gives you the possibility of getting a good ranking on your website’s Google and other search engines. DA is very important for search engine ranking.

Let us know some specific facts about the Domain Authority:

More than 40 signals are kept in mind while calculating Domain Authority.

Websites which rank high on search engines have a high DA.

High or Good Domain Authority -> High or Good Search Engine Rankings -> More Traffic

Domain Authority does not rise nightly.

To adopt certain things to increase your DA score

How to increase the website’s Domain Authority?
You can not buy the Domain Authority from anybody and you can not steal from anyone. You have to create a tremendous strategy to raise your DA score. Thousands of good articles must be written and a lot of patience should be kept.

If your DA is close to 10 or 15 then it will not be difficult to bring it to 30 or 40, it can be in a short time, but yes if you want to move above the DA score 50, then your work will be very difficult and slow is.
Let’s go ahead and know about 7 ways –

1) High Quality Content Publish :
To achieve a good DA score, you have to write a quality content. Everyone likes the most different and the best content. If you want to write a quality content, then you have to create a strategy.

The length of your content should be large Also, your content should be unique and keyword targeted.

Always remember these phrases:
Good Content is the everything.

Content attracts visitors and you can not compromise on quality of content. You can make your content even more engaging and interesting by using pictures, GIFs, and videos.

A good picture holds the skill of conveying thousand words.

You can also use infographics. This will make your content famous and viral.

The length of a good content should be good. There should be at least more than 800 words.

Some of the following things should be kept in mind:

1) Do not copy another’s post.

2) Instead of using the same word again and again, use synonyms instead.

3) Apart from your subject, do not hesitate to talk about anything else or anything else, and do not stray from your subject.

4) You write your content like a professional.

On-Page SEO :

On-Page SEO Optimization is another way. This plays an important role in driving your DA from the bottom.

This includes some technical factors such as your page or post title, keyword placement and keyword density. Below is a simple list that will help you in on-Page Optimization in your website:

Keyword density-keyword stuffing. Let it stay between 1.5% – 2%.

Heading tags – Use the heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to highlight the main points of your article.

Use the exact keyword for targeted keyword-blog posts. Use long-tail keywords as they are easy to rank. Use your main keyword first in paragraph.

Image Optimization – Optimize images to increase your SEO status.

If you do not do SEO properly, it will be very difficult to rank the website on Google. On-Page Optimization is a great technique to bring visitors to the website. The correctly done SEO will increase your Domain Authority.

The key to the Domain Authority is the Internal Linking :
The best example is Wikipedia whose DA score is 100.

With well-done internal linking, you can reduce the bounce rate of the website. Bounce rate means how many minutes your visitor was on your blog. If they were for a very short period of time, this means that your Bounce rate is very high and this is not a good sign.

By linking your old posts, you can make your latest post more informative and attractive.

But keep in mind that you link to old posts that match the topic of the post.

With this, search engine bots will easily crawl the content of your site. The authorization of the website increases with internal linking.

It’s important to do an internally link effectively, every single internal link do-follow.

Generate High Quality Links for Your Site:
Create High Quality Links for Site

Many bloggers and webmasters make a mistake in this case. They create low-quality links and harm your site’s ranking on Google.

Let’s tell you where you are wrong:
Many bloggers use nonsense methods that do not really benefit the site.

For example – they purchase links from Fiverr and make thousands of backlinks in a while with the help of some sites.

I mean to say that people work hard to make high-quality backlinks but still make mistakes. It is not that they are wrong. But create low-quality links for sites whose illusion reads to the site. Many times Google penalizes sites with low-quality links.

But now you should be wondering how to create high-quality links?

I would advise you to follow the methods given below.

Share your content on A-Social networking sites :
The Domain Authority of almost all social media sites is very good and when we share blog posts post to sites like Facebook and Twitter, post reaches countless audiences.

It is also important to share and promote very good content. Do not become spammer but to make a good plan. Sharing on social media is also a skill. To succeed in this thing, a good strategy and a lot of hard work is needed.

B-Guest Posting:
Guest posting is the most accurate way to increase your brand’s authority. In this way not only will your DA improve, but also the referral traffic will increase. This technique is more effective than blog commenting.

But nowadays, many sites are getting spamming on the name of guest posting. Guest bloggers are adopting a wrong way, like putting lots of links in a post and writing low-quality content.

You should not do that :

Guest posting is a very good way, if done correctly. To get the most out of this technique, take care of some of the main points below-

Make some different and unique ideas and very good and accurate content.

Posting Guest on High authority sites

Do not stuff stuff

Guest posting on the authority sites related to the topic of your site.

Add related links to post

C-Content is the Natural Link Builder:
This means that if your content is good, it is easy to read and understand and keep up the information, it will not only benefit your site and your readers but will also help other sites. Let us understand this with an example.

Suppose I wrote a great post and a boy named Ankit was related to my post different and his post, then Ankit will link my post to my post so that his post becomes interesting and informative. This gave me a link and ankit’s post got better.
Write similar linkable content and natural links will automatically come to you.

Apart from this, there are ways to create more secure and high-quality links, which work like magic.

Remove bad and harmful links :

Removing bad and harmful links from time to time to maintain your site’s position on Google is very important. These tasks are as important as getting quality links.

You have to keep your link profile clean and blameworthy. Many bloggers do not pay attention to this. If you will remove bad and harmful links from time to time, otherwise your position in SERPs will get worse.

Bad links will directly affect your Domain Authority because high dA score requires good link profile.

Have some patience and let your domain be old :
The age of the domain will help increase the ranking of your site and the DA score. If your site is 3 or 4 years old and is still getting updated, then it means that you have been working on it for a long time. It also means that you are writing quality content on your site and your site is not spam site.

Older websites do better rank on Google search results.

If your website is only a month or two, then you do not have to worry about DA score and keyword ranking. Just keep writing quality content, your DA will continue to grow on time.

Important aspect of SEO is Domain age. But this does not mean that new websites can not rank and DA can not increase, but it will take a little longer.

So be patient and keep working. As the time goes on, its DA and ranking will also improve.

Publish content regularly :
To keep your blog updated, you must publish content from time to time.

Frequently asked questions => How often should blog publish?

I would like to say regularly publish the blog.
Regular blog publishing is not easy, but yes, if you do, it will be easy to improve Domain Authority.

There are many bloggers who are not regular in this case and they feel fluctuations in DA. If you continue to blog post regularly, your DA will increase and if not, it will decrease.

Regular posting has some other advantages such as :

1) More traffic, more earnings, high page rank

2) There will be lots of quality content for links.

3) Your writing capacity will increase

4)You will always find something new that you can share with readers, conversions and sales will increase.

5) I have felt that the more I write, the more I get traffic. If you are also regular, then you too will feel it.

Bonus: Check Domain Authority

It is extremely important that you check your site’s DA score, especially for one month. This will strengthen your site’s position.

High DA means high search engine ranking.

There are a lot of Domain Authority checker tools which are free. You can find the DA of yourself and your competitors.

How to check DA :
1) Go to Open Site Explorer.

2) Enter the URL of your website.

3) Then click on the Search button to find out DA, Page Authority and Spam Score.

4) You can see in the screenshot that Imdishu’s DA is 49 which is very good.

Getting a good and high DA is very difficult and it takes time too much but I assure you that if you adopt all the above mentioned methods, then you will reach the high DA too.

Adopt all the methods and increase your DA score without any doubts.

That’s all I want to tell you. You can ask by commenting any question without hesitation.

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