What is domain name and where you can register it

How to buy domain in just a $1.54 from godaddy full guide.
Imdishu.com , Panwerdishu.com is the domain of my site. Through this we can easily access the website. Domain is required for every web page here but here are some domain names about you.
There are many more domains that you can choose any domain of your choice. From the above photo, you can easily understand what is the name of the domain that we now have to know about buying a domain, to tell you about those sites here. Who works honestly.
And we do not cheat with us. And the biggest thing is that we can register the domain with very little money, but you can only buy one domain from them for less money. This website gives only one offer for a user. Buy your domain carefully.
How much money can you buy from the domain name?

Although there are many websites selling the domain but I will tell you about those who can not even falsify 1 rupees from you, I am telling you about them because I have used them myself.

Click on the site from which you want to buy the domain and click on the domain register to sign up. Now the window which will open, fill in its full details and select a good domain name.

I am telling you here to buy a domain from Godaddy.com, however, you buy a domain from any website and its proccess is nearly equal and almost all open the same domain.Free domain , how to buy domain from godaddy full guide www.imdishu.com

How to register a domain from Godaddy?
1) First go to Godaddy.com and click on sign up.
Now a new window will open in that you have to fill the correct information as per my statement.

Here’s your gmail id inserted like imdishu@gmail.com
Remember to select your username and you have to log in with this username.

Choose your password like this imdi&hu420 for godaddy you have to choose such a password.

Here you can type any 4 digit pin code which you can remember.
After filling all the information, click on Create Acoount.

Now your account on Godaddy has become. Now you have to buy domain. Now go to the home page of this site, for this you can click on the Godaddy written in this site left side.

Now home page will be something like this before you click on Get Started.
How to buy domain name in just a $1.54 (99 Indian rupees)
There is a search box in godaddy.com . Type whatever domain you want and check the availability. If your domain has not already been registered then this massage show will be YES! YOUR DOMAIN IS AVAILABLE.
You can get this domain only if this massage shows.
Click on Continue to cart now.
Now, whatever new page will open, all the settings remain in it and click on Continue to cart.
Step 2: 
Click here for 1 year.
Now click on the proceed to checkout.
Step 3:
As soon as you click on the proceed to checkout option, a new popup window will be opened immediately.
In the last step, we have already created an account on godaddy so now we do not have to sign in. Log in and click on continue.
Step 4:
Once you click Continue, a new popup page will open, in which you have to fill your details.
1) First, fill your first and last name.
2) Add your email address to this option.
3) The country you live in and the country is selected.
4) Fill your full address here
5) Add the district code here.
6) Please fill your city name here.
7) Select your state.
8) Please enter the country code and enter the mobile number.
9) Now tick on the debit card.
10) Fill the Captcha code correctly.
11) Finally click on Place your order.
Step 5:
Now another page will be opened as you click on your order
1) Select the bank name of the bank you want to pay with ATM Card here.
2) Select the expiration date of the debit card.
3) Write the cvv number of the card. The cvv number is in 3 words which are written in the last of the black line behind the card.
Finally click on make payment.
Step 6:
Now the number from which you have opened the account in the bank will be a massage on this number, it will contain an OTP code that is one time password which is to be inserted in the OTP code box in your windows.
1) Enter OTP password.
2) Click Submit button.
Now You will see the massage as soon as payment is paid.
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