What is BidVertiser and How to earn with this [ Full Guide ]

Bidvertiser is a PPC (paid per click) website that started around 2003. I will tell you in this post how to earn money from the bidvertiser, but first I would like to know that you know about the bidvertiser in detail, good knowledge of the QQ bidvertiser will come forward and you will also know what is the bidvertiser and how the give income us.

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What is Bidvertiser and how does income from it?
Bidvertiser is a ppc website that gives money to people per click, when we sign up on this website and we approve the account, then it gives us the codes of our ads.
We use those codes on our website or blog when a user comes to our website or blog, then they click on the advertisements of the bidvertiser, then our income is there.

1. How does the Bidvertiser work?
Now you must be thinking that these websites come from the money that they give us, then they are like bidvertiser adsense.

The job of the bidvertiser is to promote any website, it is a lot of website which gives money to the bidvertiser to promote it. This is the only job of the bidvertiser to promote the logo of the logo.

What should be done to create an account on Bidvertiser?
1. Gmail ID
From the Gmail id, you can log in to the bidvertiser’s website. If you do not have a gmail id then you can create your gmail id. Go to mail.google.com

2. PayPal account

To earn what we earn on the bidvertiser, a PayPal account is required. If you do not have a PayPal account, please click here to create a PayPal Account.

3. Website And Blog
When we create an account on this website, it gives us the code of ads that we put on our website blog, so it is also important to have a blog or a website.

If you have not yet created your website or blog, you can easily create your website blog in Free.  Go to blogger.com or WordPress.com , I recommend blogger.com.

2. Payment Proof:
The biggest thing is that its payment is the lowest. If you can get the payment as soon as your income is $ 10 then now you may have learned a lot about it. I further tell you how to create a bidvertiser account. Just step by step. Follow me.

3. How to create an account on Bidvertiser?
Step 1:
First visit the bidvertiser.com website.

1. Now click on Join Now- It’s FREE!

2) Now the new popup window will open, you will have to fill in the correct information.

Step 2: 
To create a account on bidvertiser you have to fill little formso follow the steps:

1 Please fill in your first name here.
2) Fill your surname here
3) Here you have to enter your mobile 4) mobile number. (Example – +919816429509)
5) Here you have to fill your gmail address.
6) Select your account’s username here.
7) Enter the password here
8) Once again, select password.
9) Now click on Get Activation Code

After this there will be a massage on your email address, code will come in that code you have to enter here.

Tick ​​all these options.

Now once all the information is thoroughly checked and click on continue.

After doing so much, your bidvertiser will become an account. Now you have to know how to add the bidvertiser code to a website or blog.

How to add Bidvertise Code to Website or Blog?
1) Click on Add New Bidvertiser first.

2) Tick ​​the under a new domain.

3) Title of Ads like chuone – About us, Contact us etc.

4) Put the URL of the blog or website you want to show ads here.

5) This option is to leave you blank.

6) Choose your language from here Choose the language that is the language of your website or blog.

7) Here you can select the main category of your website or blog.

8) Here, another category will show, choose from those who meet your website or blog, remember that the category you choose will show ads accordingly.

9) Now once you check everything, click on finish if everything is right.

Step 4:

1) Now click on Publisher Center.
Please select your website here.

2) Click on Choose Template.

3) Now a popup window will open in that you have to choose the size of your ads, after selecting size, click on Update.

4) Now click on Get Ad Code. Now a popup window will open, copy the code of the bidvertiser ads.

Now you have got the code for ads, now you can add this code to your website or blog wherever you want. Now whenever someone clicks on your ads, you will get income.

Place the ads between blog posts :
1) go to blogger.com.
2) click on  new post.
3) click on HTML.
4) now paste the ad code here.

That’s all you’re done!
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