Make your blog posts user friendly by these tips

Make your blog posts user friendly by these steps given below : 

How to make my blog user friendly, seo tips

Now the name of blogging is going on in people’s heads, in the name of the Internet. Some people believe in a way to communicate their blog to people, then some write articles on a hot topic through their blog. If your written blog is removed from the blogs of other people, based on current topic, creative will be more and more people will read and praise them fervently. Not only this, when many people will read and praise your blog then nobody will stop you from being famous in this internet world.

What are the tips for writing a good blog:

Draw your blog: Many people write blogs themselves, why not just read your own blog? You will surely want people to read your blog in a large number and be respected, so firstly attract your blog.

Note the Keyword of the blog: There are some blogs whose posts are very good but they can not be successful because the title of those blog posts can not attract people as well as the story The line also does not bother. Not only Titles, to make a blog accessible, it is important to focus on its keywords, so that your blog will stay right on the search engine (index) correctly.

Attempt to write intreating blog Attempts: Your blog should be such that people once read but could not escape it. You make the blog so much interesting that after reading, anyone should be happy so that the person can browse your website again and again.

Read your own blog again and again: After writing any post on your blog, read it once, not twice but ten times and imagine that you are a reader. Also keep in mind the correct grammar and also correct the written words. If you did not like the method of writing as a reader, then correct the mistakes and make it perfect.

Reminded tips that you might think are small things, remember that you can write blogs in a very beautiful way.
Post URL – You should keep your blog post URL short because it is search engine friendly and quickly indexes it as well. Take care of this before making this one.

Use keywords – You can also use keywords as you type your posts. The search engine first sees you posts I have keywords. You can also use similar keywords to your post, but your keywords do not exceed 10.

Related Post – It is often seen that the user’s attention is first taken to your related post, so that I use a theme that shows related posts from your post. Because the user needs a good information and if he clicked any post I would have known you well.

Add Popular Post widget – You can see your post on top of a topic which has been searched more frequently, in the search engine. If you write posts on any such topic, then it quickly comes into search. And quickly gets the rankings too.

Search Description – Whenever you see the post of your search engine and user, it comes with the help of the description of your site or blog, whenever you write your post, you do not forget to write description and also be aware of it. Your desctiprion should not exceed 160 words.

Other Post Links – Also post the link of the rest of the post in your post, as it is often seen that the user wants to post any post even after you fall. In such a situation, if the rest of your post is visible to the user, he would also like to visit them.

You must use at least one image in the Customization Images – post because it will give you 2 kinds of benefits. First of all, the user will know what to say in the post. And for the second search engine you can put meta tag and meta description in it, which will work as keywords.

Request To Visitors – At the end of your blog post, how did you get this post, please tell us by comment, you must share this post with your friends in social media and subscribe to us now. Because the post search engine shared in social media indexes it very quickly. And if someone shares your post then you will also get the traffic.

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