Make your blog popular with these 9 cool tips

Do you want your blog to become popular among people? Your answer will definitely be yes, let’s tell you how you can make your blog a hit.

How to make my blog popular in world , make your blog popular

1. Skip to Comment: A special role of observation is seen in the blog world. If you comment everywhere here, be careful. Neither do the falsely comments themselves nor influence the fateful comments of anyone else on themselves. Try to make your blog so brilliant from others’ blogs, people get your blog and you get hits on your blog.

2. Write on complex issues: Raise complex issues from complex. The simple issues you leave for writing ordinary people. The more you write on complex issues, the greater the magnitude of your blog and your blog.

3. Do not use complex language: Try to simplify your language so that more and more people read it. If you use hard language, people will not be interested in reading your blog.

4. Be cool in your world: be happy in your world, do not listen to what others are writing. Understand yourself as an elephant and get out of the middle of everyone.

5. Advertise the URL of the URL Offline: Creating Visiting Card of Your Blog Advertise in newspapers. Play in the ticker of the TV. If you know a friend of the newspaper or channel, then ask him to write on the blog and get the whole story focused on your blog.

6. Backlinks from Controversies: Staying in disputes gives you backlinks. When people write something in response to your post, they will also give you a link. The more controversies you raise, the more your blog rating will increase.

7. Post five in a day: Come back from the first coming to the fifth. That is, if you wrote in the first post that drinking Coca-Cola promotes capitalism then write aggressively in the first post, attack people. When the atmosphere gets hot, then the next post will be slightly soft. Come to the last post of the day and prove how cocokola drinking enhances socialism. Now let the readers confront each other. You will have all kinds of logic in your posts. Show others the quote as you like and toss the others out.

8. Do not remove the tips in others’ post: Focus on your own post. Before removing castes in others, know that no human is perfect. Never fool the blogs written by others and do not make fun of them.

9. Heading of the title: Pay attention to the title of your blog or say the title. It is good to win your title, the more people will come forward to read your blog.

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