How to make a free blog on google

Hello! How are you all? Hope you all will be good. Today we will talk about Google’s web site.

Do not you know the website is being banished? What’s are the benefits of the website? If not then today is your auspicious day because today we will talk about how to create a free website on Google.

Earn from free blog

Before starting, we will know what the benefits of the website are?
1) Popularity.
2) Bringing yourself into the Internet world
3) Name / Fame / Money.
4) Bringing your photos to Google
5) Money

If you have a site then your popularity will be made in the same way, your name will be in the world of the Internet, so that you can earn money from your website and you will also be able to bring your picture to Google.

Well, there is an advantage of creating a website that we can share anything in it.

As if we are mourning for cooking and we know everything about cooking, then we can make a website of cooking by applying the cooking information.

In that we can sell our own written recipe and can also apply to our website so that our income can be doubled.

Let’s talk about how to create a website now.

There are lots of ways to make a website on Google, such as PAID / FREE. Paid means, we will buy a domain name and hosting and will work on it. (In this you will find many features that are not free)

We do not have to pay any money for free, we get it in the domain and hosting free, which we will read in this article.

  So are you ready to create your new blog? If yes, then let’s start

We have a lot of platforms to create a blog for free but the ones that are most popular are those.

1) Blogger
2) WordPress
3) Tumbler

Click to join WordPress :

But today we will talk about the Blogger blog that is created by anyone who has been created by GOOGLE.

You will read the need for a Gmail id and then you will have to connect your gmail account to google + account.

If you do not have an account on Gmail, you can read an article on how to create an account on Gmail.

When you have completed all this step, then you have to follow the steps written below. So let’s go to friends apni new website banate and internet world.

Step 1. Google Par Website Kaise Banaye First of all, you type in Google Search or type your browser “” and click on it and continue.

You can also go to by clicking here.
Step 2. When you reach, you can enter your Gmail id and click on “Next”. Then enter your gmail id password, then click on “Sign in” and continue.

Step 3. When your account is signed in good enough then you have 2 options.

The first option to confirm your profile is that “Create a Google+ Profile” and another “Create a limited Blogger profile”

As I said to the new website kaise banaye we need a google plus account for that.

If you have a google + account then it is a good thing, otherwise you can create your google plus account by clicking on the “Create a Google+ Profile” button and continue.

Step 4. When you reach the next page, it will ask you a little more detail to create a new Google Plus account

1) Name
2) Gender
3) Birthday

So fill in all the details and then click on the “Upgrade” button to create your new Google Plus account.
When you have completed all your details and upgraded it, you will open the page of Create New Blog in front of you. You can create your own blog by clicking the Create New Blog button.

If you do not have a page with create new blog open then you can go to page again by searching in your browser.

Step 6. When you click on New blog, a box opens up to you in front of you, which says:

Title: Make a Good Title of Your Website

Address: Address means “Website Name” What you want to name your website, for example, for example, “” and you can see the image in the right side below the address “This blog address is available” means that the name of this website is available and I can create a website by this name.

After that you have to choose a nice template for your website so that you can select any one template and click on the button “Create Blog”.

Step 7. Now your website is complete. You can see your website by clicking on the button containing View Blog.
Now your work is that you have to create your website and post, so that we can also come to your website and read the article you wrote.

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