Hindi or Hinglish: In which language do you start blogging? 2017

Today I’m going to give you a question that many other bloggers often ask me about. This is the question: Hindi or Hinglish: In which language do you start blogging?
Difference between Hindi and Hinglish:

Hindi or Hinglish: In which language do you start blogging? 2017 Hindi or hinglish which one is best www.imdishu.com

Before I answer this question, I tell you first of all, here are the languages ​​which I mean from “Hindi” and “Hinglish”.

You all must know that any language can be written in many scripts. For example, Hindi is a language, its script is “Devanagari” and in this script, we have been writing Hindi language since childhood.

But this does not mean that Hindi can not be written by any other script. As the days of social networking sites have run, people are beginning to use written chat and messaging to reach their point of view.

In any case, we can chat in Hindi language or any other language in the same script as Devanagari or any other script, but people often use English alphabets.

I mean here that people are doing the same thing in Hindi but writing only English letters. As if I had to send a message to someone and ask “How are you?”, Then we ask that this language is in English letters, “tum kaise ho?” Language is Hindi, but its script is in English.

Due to increasing facilities of communication in the world today, the use of foreign languages ​​like English has increased a lot in India today. We have started mixing the English language in Hindi and its regional languages ​​too much.

Now we come back to our point of view. If you have read all the things discussed above, you may have come to know that when I talk about “Hindi” language that means it means Hindi and Hindi also, Hindi means Devanagari script.

Example: मेरा नाम दिशु है और आपका क्या नाम है ?

Now when I talk about Hinglish, I mean it is Hindi, but the script is of Hindi. So make such, Hindi + English = Hinglish Here’s an example: Mera naam Dishu hai or aapka kya naam hai .

I hope that as I explained the meaning of Hindi and Hinglish in the above detail, you would have understood very well.

Let’s talk now that if we have to start a Hindi blog then we should start it in Hindi or Hinglish language.

Hindi or Hinglish: What is right for blogging?

Now when it comes to creating an online website for blogging, new bloggers are quite confused that they should write in Hindi or Hinglish. There are several reasons for the emergence of this confusion:

People have the illusion that what would be great for Hinglish or Hindi site, SEO?

People think that most people even search the things in Hindi as well as English keywords, then there will be a loss of Hindi site …

Many people think that Google or other search engine might treat the Hinglish site as spam.

So many such questions come in the minds of people.

So now I am answering this question to make you clear that, it is completely yours that you are comfortable in writing which language and which language can easily write more and more content.

But if you ask me my personal opinion then I am not in favor of Hinglish sites. Now why I am only in favor of Hindi, there are some reasons which I have mentioned below:

Hindi language can be written solely in Devanagari script.

Hinglish is not a valid language, it is simply a medium for posting communication.

Most Indian people would prefer to read Hindi in Devanagari script, not in Hinglish. Hinglish becomes confusing for many things and you have also experienced it on social media many times.

Golden Tip:

Now let me tell you the best way. If you are going to start a Hindi blog then it will be my recommendation.

Note: You should write Hindi in Devanagari script, that is, that Blogging should start in Hindi but some important keywords and some such words that are good in English should be written in English itself.

The biggest example of this thing: see our site Imdishu.com only.

Our site is basically a Hindi blog.

We use this only on Devanagari script of Hindi. But you may have noticed that we use too many English words together. We write those words in English which will be difficult to understand in Devanagari script of Hindi or it will not be good in this script.

There are two advantages to doing this:

Nowadays people do common things in this mixture of Hindi and English, whether they are related to our personal life or related to work. This allows people to read your articles and they can easily understand your point.

Your site treats Google or any other search engine as a valid Hindi site, and gradually gives you benefits in Search Engine Rankings.

I hope that after reading this post, you may have been clear that you should start blogging in Hindi or in Hinglish.
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