Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google Adsense ?

If you are a blogger then you will know a lot about Google AdSense AdSense is a great contextual ad networks for your blog. Due to quality ads and safe recurring income, AdSense for bloggers is one of the safest blog monetization networks in today’s time.

But what will happen to them whose AdSense account has been banned or which are becoming very difficult to approve an AdSense account.

In this article I will share this information to you that if your AdSense account has been banned or you can not get AdSense approval, then what will you do in this condition?
Many people also leave blogging in this condition.
There is no doubt that AdSense is the best online money-making method. People consider Adsense to be the best online money-making method from many reasons. like-
Using AdSense is very easy.
In this you do not have to worry about any kind of ads quality.
In AdSense, you do not have to worry about payment, the payment of AdSense is very reliable.
Adsense pays more than the other ads network.

But there are many types of issues used to use Adsense too. like

You have to follow the content guidelines of the AdSense team. If you do not follow some of its content guidelines then your adsense account is banned.

You can not post anything simply. You can publish the post as per AdSense policies.
To earn more than Adsense, you have to use different optimization techniques such as high CPC keywords.
If your blog is coming from a country like India, and Malaysia,etc then there will be less earning than your Adsense.
The more we think of AdSense, the better it is not. Most top bloggers and internet marketer do not use adsense. Most blogs have the approval of adsense, which means war in the battlefield. If you do not use adsense, you also get many benefits from this.
How good will your life be without an AdSense account?
When I started blogging, I did not have any idea how to earn money by blog. For several months of starting blogging, I had no idea that money can also be earned through blogs. After 3 months of blogging, I found out about Adsense. My first income from the internet was $10 Dreamhost affiliate sale.
I earn more than 5+ million earnings every month through blogging, but have you ever seen adsense ads on ? I have earned a lot of income from Adsense in my blogging career. I use other monetization techniques on my blog, through which it earns more than 10+ lakh income per month.
Experiment with different ad network
Experiment with different ad network

Blogging is to experiment with the best education things. When you experiment with the latest monetization methods, you get a solution that works perfectly on your niche. The second benefit you get to experiment is that you learn about new things through experiences. That’s why you should spend your time in the experiment. You should experiment with some kind of method that is already working well for someone else.
As a quotation, if we talk about viglink, this is a good advertising network but it is not right for imdishu. Vigilant fashion is a good option for niche.
If you ask me “Hey Dishu – how great is Bidvertiser?” Then I will not have any answer because I used Bidvertiser very long ago. And I do not have any idea of ​​how it has changed now. According to most people, Bidvertiser is a low paying ad.
When you read about a new ad network, do not forget to try it. Never ran away with experimenting with things.
You can earn by earning your Strong Skill
I have a blog named ****** which is currently at orphan stage. But I do not care whether this blog will be able to monetize it because I have a blog business plan ready. And I also believe that the plan will work well. While not using AdSense on ****** , it still earns so much money from that blog, so that the blog’s hosting and maintenance fees are out of place.
If you are running a technology blog then you can monetize your skills by many ways. As an eBook can write. A tech bloggers have a great knowledge of technology.
If you are running a finance blog, then you can make a finance plan and offer your reader a price at a reasonable price.
If you are running a relationship blog then you can offer related issues to related premium one-on-one consultancy.
If you are running a health blog then you can offer a logo in a diet plan competitive price.
If you are running a fashion blog then you can shop for your reader’s fashions that work for them. For this, he will pay you.
You have to pay attention to the fact that this is a market for everything. You have to know this thing about how and where to sell something.
Use Affiliate Marketing
Earn with affiliate program
If we talk about Imdishu, imdishu’s income is the main source of affiliate marketing. You can see that more than millions of marketers talk about affiliate marketing and more than thousands of products recommend for you. But they do not tell you what works of those products which does not work. Many marketer also offers to earn millions of rupees in a day. But do you really believe that making money is very easy.
If you are planning to earn money from affiliate marketing, you should work hard on this as an alternative to AdSense. You will need a plan to reach a sustainable income through affiliate marketing. If someone tells you that affiliate marketing does not offer you recurring income, then it means that he is lying.
There are several types of affiliate marketing on the internet. You should choose the one who works for you. After making your blog, you should not recommend all the new product in your niche. You should recommend the same product which you like very well and who works well. Along with this, you should tell your reader about the product you are recommending how you can benefit from using that product.
If you want to achieve a long-term financial success, then this is the right time for you to start. If you start affiliate marketing then starting will work a bit slow but it is certain that going to the end will make you pay a fine.
My objective to share this article was to tell the reality of Adsense Life. There are many bloggers who leave blogging due to not working adsense. If adsense is not working for you then you should try something else.
Adsense is only an ads network that works for anyone and does not work for anyone. If you are not afraid to take risks, then this post is absolutely for you. The person who is afraid of taking risk will not be successful on anything in life. So do not be afraid to take risks.
I would be happy to hear of your monetization success stories in which adsense is not included. If you have found this article useful, then do not forget to like & follow us on Facebook and Google+ _ Twitter


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